Seasons (1/2)

O frail ol' day, Beautiful as it may, so still and grey. The trees slowly decay, The young and old are held at bay. The day is sombre and devoid of ray. The night is followed by yet another day, And the cycle replays Well, as long as winter stays. O bright new dawn, Wet … Continue reading Seasons (1/2)


Rolling Tide

Times seem tough, I wonder if there are any happy moments left. All of a sudden, the days become slow and the nights even slower. I wonder, will this ever pass? Fighting to keep faith, the only thing that seems to keep me going. Often times I break down, till the tears flow no more … Continue reading Rolling Tide


By the river bank, That's where I'll be. Safe and dry, yet within reach when we hanker for the wet. By the river bank, That's where i'll be. When the sun rises beautifully and sets gloriously. By the river bank, That's where I'll be. Chiefly arable, arable enough to nurture our seed. By the river … Continue reading Undying


Like a shining little star You arrive in our midst And lighten our spirit You bring joy to our heart And smile to our lips You are so meek and humble Soft in the body and soul Your heart so pure Like the morning dew You know no evil Though you will still master it. … Continue reading Evil


I see  a beautiful woman A woman full of hope, Beaming with a smile, Radiant and elegant.   I see a beautiful lady, Even when I look beyond, I see her inner most beauty, She's subtle and independent.   I see a beautiful lady, One who is scarce and unique, One who is second to … Continue reading Reflection