Cold hands of time.

I miss you terribly after all these ages. Still, not enough years have gone by to erase the memory of the good times we had together. With you fun was more fun, without you fun is no fun, at all. Every day, I longed for the return of the terrific times. True to our promises, … Continue reading Cold hands of time.


What if?

What if the world were a perfect place? Where your family is mine and mine yours. Where I love you as much as I do myself. Where neither laws or breach of the law existed. Where we know no sorrow, hatred or oppression. Where the earth remains green and cherished. Where abundance reigns. Where no … Continue reading What if?

Sour Grapes; The Toxic E-Fruit.

Like I always say, the internet is full of all things good and bad, literally. It is full of all kinds of people, especially the faceless - the anonymous, otherwise the internet trolls. These set of people are mostly very toxic, they never have something good to say about anyone or anything. They are a … Continue reading Sour Grapes; The Toxic E-Fruit.