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Caught up in your web of mind games, Trapped in the confusion of my mind, Imprisoned by my own insecurities. Whispers here and there, Mostly vain and vague. Often the feeling is anything but pleasant. Timely, I get out of my own way, Abandoning the fear, Having not to weigh thoughts. Finally awake from the … Continue reading Freedom



A little warmth from crisp sunshine rays, A gentle breeze for when it feels so hot, A light to brighten your path, Some air to calm the nerves A shoulder of comfort to combat your woes, A gaze too long but one of hope. All in my arms a place you call home. ©chroniclhub

The Middle

Too joyed to smile Too sad to cry Too fearful to flinch Too brave to affront Too wrathful to oppose Too peaceable to support Too compassionate to care Too insensitive to not care Too broken to hurt Too loving to trust Too optimistic to keep faith Too pessimistic to glum Finally, too cowardly to struggle. … Continue reading The Middle

The Pathway to Success

I think it's common knowledge that we are a product of our choices, our decisions or indecisions, our actions or inactions. Oftentimes, especially in the face of adversity, we wonder what could have been if we had made an entirely different choice - pure waste of precious time! Well, the bottom line is there aren't … Continue reading The Pathway to Success


By the river bank, That's where I'll be. Safe and dry, yet within reach when we hanker for the wet. By the river bank, That's where i'll be. When the sun rises beautifully and sets gloriously. By the river bank, That's where I'll be. Chiefly arable, arable enough to nurture our seed. By the river … Continue reading Undying