The Big Things of Life; A Mere Farce

This is the story of Ariyo, the richest man ever lived.

Many centuries ago, Ariyo was born into a family of 11, he was the only boy, the last child. True to the meaning of his name, he was a source of joy.

His father was a blacksmith while his mother cared for the family, she lived for them. Even though life was far from rosy, they were always happy and never for once complained. Life’s greatest value!

All of Ariyo’s sisters were married off very tenderly, so Ariyo could have the best of life. Betweentimes, his parents passed, one after the other. Times passed, Ariyo grew into a fine young man.

Everything Ariyo touched, blossomed. He soon became the richest man of all time, he was wealthy in everything. Living in luxury day in day out, he had the finest of EVERYTHING!

Don’t they say that you only know the true color of a man when he has riches? Just to say the least, Ariyo tormented the life out of the people, forgetting too quickly, his own roots.

Just like you imagined, Ariyo died a wretched, buried like a slave – because he never understood that the big things of life are a mere farce, an empty show.

His wealth did not avail him, he had all the good things of life yet so poor!

Think too, do you have great possessions and see yourself as the next big thing or the only big thing? None of those possessions will avail you. Remember, one day you have everything, the next day you don’t!


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