Sour Grapes; The Toxic E-Fruit.

Like I always say, the internet is full of all things good and bad, literally. It is full of all kinds of people, especially the faceless – the anonymous, otherwise the internet trolls.

These set of people are mostly very toxic, they never have something good to say about anyone or anything. They are a bunch of sour grapes, they speak disparagingly of things that they cannot attain.

They are ever ready to “bite and attack”. Whatever you stand for, they oppose it. Whatever you say, to them it’s silly. Whatever you do, to them it’s useless. They are downright negative, no do-gooders.

Take it or leave it, these set of people are insecure, lacking self-worth! They think you are better of, hence they “attack you verbally. They believe that they cannot achieve what you have in a million years .

Now would you let yourself be bothered by such a negative soul? I wouldn’t!

And if you do fall into the category of the oppressor, all we ask is that you treat people more nicely, like you would your ”beloved”, or the least.

Say no to cyber bullying!



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