The Pursuit Of Happiness; A Journey That Never Ends.

Sometime ago, I was downcast, well sort of, reason being that I had being waiting expectantly for something I had so longed for. Then, the only thing that would make me happy was “having it”, or so I thought.

I did eventually get what I had hoped for, yes I was happy but only momentarily. I wanted something else. Something I had previously given a thought or hadn’t given too much thought.

Does this happen to you too?

Well, in essence and in my opinion, I think as much as we pursue happiness, we may never really find it and “if we do”, never in the pink of it. Perhaps because it really doesn’t exist. Or, I probably do not understand the true meaning of it.

I’m sure you will agree with me, except if at some point in your life, you were truly happy, satisfied, contented, fulfilled, on cloud nine … anyhow you call it.

Be honest, has there ever being a point where you just wished everything in your life would continue like that, forever?

If you said yes, then this is the point where I should remind you that, for a fact, human beings are insatiable. According to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, happiness of life is made up of minute fractions … of many things and logically you cannot have everything.

Now, what I am not saying is that you can’t be happy, all I am saying is, don’t wait for it, don’t wait to have it all, above all let nothing be a determinant of your own happiness, your responsibility is to create yours, regardless!

Happiness can exist only in acceptance. – George Orwell

via Daily Prompt: Pink


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