In Between The Endless Wait

Have you ever waited and hoped so much for something? I have, countless times.

At first, it looks like it’s a stretch and a clasp away, then slowly it starts to retract. The closer you think you are getting, the further it moves away from you, though probably not in reality, but in your head it suddenly becomes a mirage, again and again.

By now, you have lost yourself. All that occupies your mind is, when? how long again? why not now? will it ever happen?… Sometimes, you are empty, other times you are pretty certain its about that time.

The only place you find hope is in your thoughts, since everyone else thinks you are worrying yourself over nothing.

Need I mention the rush of emotions in between the wait? You are happy, sad, angry, depressed … all at once!

But you know what?! Everyone else was right, you were only working yourself up for nothing. Believe me, that thing you have so longed for will come slowly too quickly!

“Good things come to those who wait”.

Well, I can’t tell you that for a fact but it’s a popular saying.

Just maybe you should wait patiently.

<a href="">Panicked</a>

via Daily Prompt: Panicked


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