I see  a beautiful woman

A woman full of hope,

Beaming with a smile,

Radiant and elegant.


I see a beautiful lady,

Even when I look beyond,

I see her inner most beauty,

She’s subtle and independent.


I see a beautiful lady,

One who is scarce and unique,

One who is second to none,

The first among equals.


Every time I look in the mirror,

I shut my eyes thinking it’s only fantasies,

But alas! I open my eyes to a more beautiful image,

I discover there is more to me than meet the eye.

I am proud of you who made me into this!


Post Scriptum:

There is something the French call amour propre, it’s a feeling of self-love, self-respect and personal worth. No one can appreciate you more than you do yourself!


Slightly modified, originally published as a note on my Facebook page on 25th November 2010


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