What Became Of Humanity?

Love thy neighbor as thine self; this is one of the several unanimous messages relayed by most Faiths. And honestly, the world would be a better place if this was earnestly put into practice, just as much as religion itself is being practiced? What changed now? Where has the love gone? Why has humanity become … Continue reading What Became Of Humanity?


The Big Things of Life; A Mere Farce

This is the story of Ariyo, the richest man ever lived. Many centuries ago, Ariyo was born into a family of 11, he was the only boy, the last child. True to the meaning of his name, he was a source of joy. His father was a blacksmith while his mother cared for the family, … Continue reading The Big Things of Life; A Mere Farce

Sour Grapes; The Toxic E-Fruit.

Like I always say, the internet is full of all things good and bad, literally. It is full of all kinds of people, especially the faceless - the anonymous, otherwise the internet trolls. These set of people are mostly very toxic, they never have something good to say about anyone or anything. They are a … Continue reading Sour Grapes; The Toxic E-Fruit.


Like a shining little star You arrive in our midst And lighten our spirit You bring joy to our heart And smile to our lips You are so meek and humble Soft in the body and soul Your heart so pure Like the morning dew You know no evil Though you will still master it. … Continue reading Evil


I see  a beautiful woman A woman full of hope, Beaming with a smile, Radiant and elegant.   I see a beautiful lady, Even when I look beyond, I see her inner most beauty, She's subtle and independent.   I see a beautiful lady, One who is scarce and unique, One who is second to … Continue reading Reflection