The Superstition

It was 02/05/2020.

Finally, the day I had hoped for. At cockcrow, my wife gave me a tap, I quickly got out of bed, scoured for the matchbox. In the process, I hit my left leg on the wooden box where we had the dirty laundry from many months piled up.

Maybe this day, I’d get lucky enough and get this job. I had been without one for so long and for as long my wife has been the breadwinner.

I set out at the first streak of light. Walking the narrow and lonely path brought back many similar memories, so many times I’d walked the supposed path to a source of livelihood, all to no avail.

This time I was determined to find something. Approaching the castle, I could see quite a number of people, peeping through the gates. But unfortunately for us all, the Lord was unable to receive us. I was obliged to walk the lonely path back home. You could tell many were discouraged, I wasn’t.

It was 03/05/2020.

I started out this time more determined than ever. I had a wife, 5 kids, a dog and 2 cats to provide for. I was determined.

After a 2 hour walk, I arrived first, the Lord was just getting out of bed, I waited another hour. I couldn’t get any luckier, the job was first come, first served. I became employed by the wealthiest farmer in the town and I was paid a stipend upfront.

I was eager to relay the news to my wife who had been a great support system, I got home in no time. But on my way I bought a few provisions for the house, finally we could patch the roof, get a new bed for the kids, do the laundry and many other things.

It was 04/05/2020.

I was ready to start my new job the next day but first I needed my lucky hat. As I ransacked the dirty laundry I came across an old blanket, the only wedding gift from my mother to my wife and I. I did as much laundry as I could.

It was 05/05/2020

I started working on the Lord’s farm. I continued for a couple of weeks but the journey to and fro was taking a toll on me, I had become lean than I was jobless and become so tanned from the burning sun. My lucky hat didn’t protect much.

The Lord took pity on me, he thought I was hard working and a great asset so he offered to give me a cottage right behind his castle, big enough for my family and I to live in.

One week after my family and I moved in.

It was the last day in May, the Lord called me into the castle. A rare privilege, or so I thought. He counted some coins and handed them to me. salary for the month, or so I thought.

In actual fact, I was being paid off, to leave the castle and the farm with my children, my dog and one of the cats, without my wife.

I lost my most precious jewel to the terror of the land, the Lord. His orders were unopposed, every one else was choice-less. The luckiest anyone could get is getting out alive. I should have known he was called the Lord for a reason.

I had my children to live for. I had enough money to start something. Slowly, I picked up the pieces of my life and the children adjusted well.

One day, I had a dream. My mother was looking at me pitifully, she asked if I believed in superstitions, I answered in the affirmative.

She then asked why I went on to pursue the job after having hit my left leg the morning of the interview, she also asked why I had washed the blanket in the month of May.

I woke up, frightened. I jumped out of bed scouring for the matchbox, again, I hit my leg, my right leg.

It is believed that hitting the left leg brings bad luck and hitting the right leg brings good luck while washing the blanket in the month of May is believed to be bad because you will be washing away your family.


via Daily Prompt: Blanket


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