The Invisible Zip

If you know where I come from, you will understand how big of a deal weddings are and how much they are celebrated – briefly, the type of celebration where the uninvited outnumber the invited and you only know about a handful of the invited!

Basically, in every sane setting, weddings are a union between two people but here weddings are a union between families (including the distant ones DNA may never even reveal), friends… It is an opportunity for Aunt X who got married off many years ago, without “a ceremony”, to celebrate, more like, collaborate with you and share in your limelight.

Everyone is guilty. I also fall into Aunt X category except that I have had MY OWN big-family-wedding celebration.

In preparation for my brother’s friends wedding, I bought a nice fabric, net-like aqua blue lace, the type in vogue. I had it made into a traditional but modern Iro and Buba attire that will combine well with my pink gele (head tie) and accessories.

Few days to the wedding, I had laid my jewellery, purse and shoes were dusted and all kept in sight.

On the D-day, i woke up early enough, fixed breakfast quickly. But despite the early bird thingy, typically, I was running late for the wedding.

After the quick grooming, quick bath, jewellery on… top (Buba) on, purse stuffed with face wipe, new bills, gum… gele handy – I had planned to stop by at a beauty shop to get my gele tied and a nice professional make up.

All set, ready to zip up and hit the road. Alas, my invisible zippers got worn out in the process.

I’m late already and now my zippers just got bad, what a nightmare?!

I practically have nothing else to match the pink color head tie, save one old dress that I call my party uniform because I have worn it too many times,  what a disaster?!

I attended the wedding party, beautifully clad in my “uniform” and it was worth it. I didn’t meet anyone who knows the story of my party uniform, even if I did, I would still care less, dance myself out and eat as much ;-).

Zipvia Daily Prompt: Zip


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