Miss Mary Sue.

Once, I met a woman whom I loved from the get-go. She was very polite, all smiley, very courteous. She was very interested in my person and all, something rare in a society where minding one’s own business is the only business. I was wowed.

But soon enough, I came to understand that in the eyes of everyone else, she was a double-dealer, of sort.

How so? How could the nice woman be seen as such, by virtually everyone else? Well, I was still a ‘newbie’. Surprisingly, the whole time, this nice woman never proved to be what I didn’t think she wasn’t. She remained sweet, as always.

She knew what to say, what to do, how to say it and when to say it. She had a flawless behavior, a textbook behavior.

I know at this point you are thinking no one is perfect. Yes. I thought same too. And believe me, I’m quick to see people for who they are. But in this case I didn’t see it and till date I’ve yet to see it.

My question is, are some people created so perfectly that they behave in the way we know we should but no one really does? Was I exceptionally fooled? Could the others be wrong about her?

Have you met anyone like Miss Mary Sue?

This reminds me of a post where I talked about not forming a judgment about people based on other people’s opinions.

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