Journey to Ever After.

“You may kiss the bride”.

This affirms the beginning of the rest of your new life, well, depending…

You never forget how it all started. From the first time you laid eyes on each other, to the start of the elementary symptoms of falling – butterflies, sweaty palms, unexplained excitements, date nights, late nights.

Pretty awesome at this stage, yeah?!

Then to the first argument, first fight, meeting with the parents, acquainting yourself with the tough parent in-law to be and if you are lucky, it could be just one tough sibling, or two.

Regardless, you both weather the stormy storm to become the latest couple in town.

From here on, it gets more interesting. You can no longer throw stuff around the house, your feet has to stop smelling like feet,on a lighter but still serious mood, you may have to censor your most putrid farts.

These things sure are trivial but yes they are part of the things to expect if you are united with a living being.

Days roll into weeks, weeks into months, months into years…decades, two decades, three decades…

By now, you have realized how much your mind tricked you into believing your lover was a superhero. Now you are certainly married to a human being, who has the same flaws as you and even more those flaws you hated in your exes so much so you called it quits each time.

Now, will you learn to accept yours the way they are?

Now, will you, for the sake of love and inner peace forgive every single time, regardless of how often? You should be a man of your words but you have to be flexible, for both your sake.

If yes, you are still joined, in harmony.

If no, you two never became one.

No two unions are the same and no union is perfect. It takes selflessness and enough will to make one work!


via Daily Prompt: Harmony

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