Jungle Justice

A few years ago, four jolly friends, all in their prime and full of life, were accused of theft. These young lads were beaten and burnt alive, in the most vicious way you can think of. Bystanders included mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and friends all watching, unwillingly, as life drifted out of the would-be graduates.

Where I come from, that’s called jungle justice. You may also call it public persecution & prosecution, Such without investigation, perpetrated by illicit street-level bureaucrats.

More recently, a “civilized” form of jungle justice has emerged, similarly brutal, all thanks to the electronic means of communication. You may also call it cyber bullying.

I am a regular visitor of a few blogs, news website and social media and many a times I avoid reading the comments. Why? Because most times it’s full of the lazy, the stupid and goody two-shoes.

I can understand being lazy and/or stupid but I can’t understand why anyone will be so self-righteous such that the only thing they are out to do online is to judge, crucify, victimize, bully, harass, intimidate … people they know absolutely nothing of.

How can you form a judgement about someone you do not know from Adam, based on an article written by a journalist who would mostly write things only likely to sell his career?

Worse off, how can you read an article written by an amateur, who is out to make money by propelling news (s)he has read on another website written by another amateur who also relayed it from another amateur website and form a judgement – positive (constructive criticism) and negative judgements alike but we all know how bad negative is right?

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s OK to have an opinion but the minute you share your opinion aggressively, it becomes hurtful, and it becomes a negative judgement.

According to a response on Quora, Opinions are open-minded and unlimited; they don’t bind people to expectations whereas judgement happens when you are sure your opinion is correct. Could you really be so sure?

Bottom line is, civility is key when sharing your opinions online even offline, as you cannot ascertain how much of bravery the recipient exudes. Think. What if it’s too hot to handle?

Would you push your mother, father, brother, sister, friend off the ledge or rather release the blade of the guillotine? Both hurt the same, anyway, so think again!

Never judge someone by the opinion of another.


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