How to not be happy

Growing up was fun, being the little baby of the house was super fun, and on the other side of fun were super cool older siblings.

Sibling one was the mini mom without the mom spanking and mom yelling 😉. Sibling two, constantly at each others neck, sibling rivalry at it’s finest, lol, but I love her, now a lot. Sibling three was my love-your-neighbor-as-thy-self, in every sense of it.

Enough reminiscing, time to journey back to the discussion of the day.

I am generally of the opinion that family people are superhuman-problem-solvers who live their lives for others. A family member’s happiness becomes theirs likewise other odds and every mood swing, amongst many other things.

Now, I refer to a family setting because ultimately, it’s easier and more natural to care for a blood relative than one who is not. This should buttress the rapport between sibling three and I.

OK, you can stop trying to figure out where I am going with all this.

I, myself, am trying to figure out if you should empathize so much so that you inherit other people’s sad and happy states alike?

Anna sayce describes empathy as the ability to temporarily step out of your experience and step into another person’s experience, and perceive it as they do, whether it’s an emotional, mental, physical, intellectual or spiritual experience.

Whatever type of empathy it is that you feel, if you don’t know how to balance it, you could be emotionally wrecking sometimes. Worse off, if it has to do with negativity.

Back to the childhood story, I felt so much for one of the siblings, should I say pity? If that, it was definitely baseless and needless! I could give all my candy up or name anything Sibling wanted.

Childhood candy story may sound trivial but somehow I grew up thinking it’s OK to “wear” other peoples shoes, to walk and/or run in it, and to put them first. I also thought that they deserved to be happy even at the price of mine.

I find that my happiness is somehow dependent on my beloveds’. I’m exhausted when they are not in the right frame of mind and to cap it all, I keep every thing bottled up, in my tiny head!

I mean who wouldn’t explode from things like this? How do you put a balance to empathy?

What’s your story?

Do you also think being empathetic could be pathetic?


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