A coin, it’s sides.

Before this day and age, metal objects were the first forms of money…then came coins, carrying a head and a tail, a legal tender and a legal means of arbitration.

Further from the economics, a coin is similar to the the dichotomy of good and bad, beauty and ugliness, sweet and  sour, success and failure, short and tall…. Speaking of which, human beings, who also carry a head and a tail. Perhaps.

Honestly, I think every human is two-faced, of course not in the hypocritical way but such as being capable of blowing hot and cold, accordingly.

What am I saying?

Personally, I think people react to different situations differently, owning, maybe, to influence by other presence and one’s own mood. Now you get the hot and cold overtone? I mean, sometimes, I’m happy, other times I’m sad, many a times, without reason.

But above all, like the coin, even with it’s head and it’s tail, each to its own side, I’m widely accepted by mine and in my opinion, that’s how it should be.

Simply put, avoid judging others and learn to take them for who they are, one mood at a time.

Who is capable of hate, is capable of love.

Who was once wrong, could be right, anew!


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