Finding X

Being a kid and growing up in the 90's was without doubt awesome. Happiness was genuine and long lasting. Friendship was kind, loving was innocent, anger was short lived, hatred never existed. Then, the only things that preoccupied my mind were growing up to become anything I wanted to be and being able to do … Continue reading Finding X


Sour Grapes; The Toxic E-Fruit.

Like I always say, the internet is full of all things good and bad, literally. It is full of all kinds of people, especially the faceless - the anonymous, otherwise the internet trolls. These set of people are mostly very toxic, they never have something good to say about anyone or anything. They are a … Continue reading Sour Grapes; The Toxic E-Fruit.

The Pursuit Of Happiness; A Journey That Never Ends.

Sometime ago, I was downcast, well sort of, reason being that I had being waiting expectantly for something I had so longed for. Then, the only thing that would make me happy was "having it", or so I thought. I did eventually get what I had hoped for, yes I was happy but only momentarily. … Continue reading The Pursuit Of Happiness; A Journey That Never Ends.


I see  a beautiful woman A woman full of hope, Beaming with a smile, Radiant and elegant.   I see a beautiful lady, Even when I look beyond, I see her inner most beauty, She's subtle and independent.   I see a beautiful lady, One who is scarce and unique, One who is second to … Continue reading Reflection